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The DREAM Concept

Easily build your law firm within the framework of five key categories of information.

When you make the decision to start your own law firm, there are a number of parts and pieces that need to fall into place to bring it into existence. And while that might seem overwhelming, there’s one underlying theme that can (and should) fuel you. It’s something you’ve likely been taught at a very young age:

If you can dream it, you can do it.

Right? It’s true. Our dreams guide and empower us to reach new heights, and in doing so, we ultimately become our best selves. And it’s this magic, this one word, that will guide you through Mom’s A Lawyer: Law Firm Launch.

My course is designed to help you build a profitable and family friendly law firm from the ground up, and it exists within the framework of the DREAM concept—a set of five modules that categorize the information you need and the steps that you’ll take.

Let’s break them down:


First and foremost, you need to dissolve the mindset that it isn’t possible to have a dream career and a happy home life—because it’s entirely possible despite the current culture. As you’ve probably experienced, most law firms embrace the workaholic mentality. So most lawyers can’t even conceive that they can practice without working around the clock.

It may be the minority, but there are lawyers who are doing this. And once you believe that you can be one of them, you can start reimagining your own career path almost instantly.


It’s important to determine how you’d like your personal and professional lives to coexist. This portion of the course contains a number of exercises that will guide you through that internal dialogue, ultimately helping you flip your mindset from being career-focused to being focused on your family (which I’m guessing you’d like to be). Once you can clearly embrace this new mindset, once you can envision your life in this new way, you can empower yourself to build your own law firm.


When I talk about empowerment within the course, I am ultimately talking about concrete steps you need to take and tools you’ll need to acquire in order to physically build your own law firm. By definition, to “empower” someone is to make them strong and confident, especially when it comes to controlling their own lives—and that’s exactly what this section of the course will do.

When I started my firm, I had no tools. Nothing! I went in blind and it was a complete disaster at first, but I learned a lot. And now I’m sharing that knowledge with you. From checklists to sample budgets and all the resources in between, you’ll have what you need to get going on the right foot, to keep going until you sign your first client…and as you go through these steps, you’ll continuously work to align your new career path with your personal life.


This, to be honest, will be the hardest part. But if you set boundaries up front, you’ll be good to go. Your personal and professional lives absolutely CAN coexist in the way that you need them to, most especially as a law firm owner, and only if you stick to those aforementioned boundaries.

For example, I don’t work after 3pm. I’ve devoted those hours to my family. In exchange, I wake up early to get a few hours of work done ahead of the morning routine. And if a meeting comes my way after 3pm? It’s a hard pass almost every single time. All to say, it’s entirely possible to move away from that 8am to 5pm mindset that’s been so ingrained in us. And once you do…once you find that new balance (complete with boundaries) that works for you, all you have to do is stick with it and continue to manifest your dreams.


The fifth and final section of Mom’s A Lawyer: Law Firm Launch reiterates that point. You absolutely CAN build your own law firm, and it’s not as hard as it seems. This section is, quite possibly, the most important—because once you commit to the process, once you sign a lease or quit your full-time job, it gets real and you need to manifest the parts and pieces by committing to the process.

We’ll talk about how to put operational systems in place, how to sign clients and generate revenue, and then how to analyze the numbers. In essence, we’ll talk about it all so that the empowerment you harnessed, that excitement and drive…none of that will ever die out until your name is on the masthead.

And it will be, I promise you.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again because I’m living proof—you can do this. You can absolutely DREAM it and do it.

And I’m here to help.

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