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Miriam Airington-Fisher, a dedicated law firm proprietor and mother of three, is on a mission to empower fellow working moms in finding harmony between legal practice and family life through entrepreneurial ventures.

Leveraging her wealth of experience, Miriam provides consulting services and self-guided resources tailored to make the legal field more accessible for working mothers, fostering entrepreneurship in the process.

Her specialized focus revolves around assisting women lawyers in seamlessly aligning their professional and personal spheres. Miriam delivers valuable resources spanning marketing, sales, firm management, and the delicate balance of juggling professional responsibilities with motherhood.

Miriam is dedicated to guiding women in reshaping their legal careers, prioritizing their well-being and happiness, and enabling them to carve out more quality time with their families.


Miriam's Story

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Miriam Airington-Fisher is driven by a mission to redefine and invigorate the legal profession for working mothers, making it not just accessible but also profoundly rewarding.

When embarking on her journey into motherhood, Miriam set out to preserve her legal career while placing an emphasis on family, personal well-being, and happiness.


Having successfully established a family-friendly law firm over the years, Miriam has curated resources to assist other career-driven mothers in navigating the delicate equilibrium between professional and familial roles.

Breaking free from the confines of both the workaholic lawyer and martyr mom archetypes, Miriam champions alternative routes to a gratifying balance between being a professional and a mom. Through entrepreneurial endeavors and non-traditional approaches to practicing law, she guides others toward a fulfilling harmony in their dual roles.


Mom's A Lawyer: The Course

Ready to make a change? Miriam’s self-guided course Mom’s A Lawyer: The Course will provide you with the guidance and tools to start your own firm–your way. Now available for purchase! 

Not sure if you're ready? Schedule a free discovery call with Miriam, and she'll offer her advice on your best course of action. 

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Mom's A Lawyer


In her new book, Miriam shares a step-by-step blueprint for starting a profitable–and family-friendly–law firm from the ground up. This is one of the best foundational tools you can use as you pursue your own law firm journey.

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Want to chat?

Do you need a fellow lawyer mom to listen to your thoughts and help guide you toward the right path? I'm available for a free discovery call. During this call, we'll discuss your current situation (both familial and professional) and I'll provide candid advice on what's the best course of action for you and your life goals. 

Already know you want to pursue your own law firm? I offer one-on-one consulting sessions to help you solidify your game plan and get your family-friend law firm up and running. Reach out at any point in your journey!


Work For You

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Miriam's blog, Work For You, will deep dive a mix of topics to help fellow mothers make sense of the world around them and provide advice on how to make your professional life Work For You. 

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How I Ditched Mom Guilt

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School Day vs. Work Day

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Why Focus on Lawyer Moms?

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