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Mom's A Lawyer: How to Start a Firm and Take Control of Your Life provides an in-depth guide to help lawyer moms create a firm that's profitable, yet family-friendly. 

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Inside, Miriam offers a thought-provoking perspective on the imbalances that exist in today's workplace settings. With a keen focus on the law field, she brings to light the hard realities of family life and reveals how working lawyer moms can overcome these challenges with confidence and a plan.


If you’re a mom and a lawyer wondering how to do both, this book is a practical, step-by-step way to launch your own law firm. Miriam covers the journey from start to finish. 


Law Firm Launch will help crystalize your personal goals, and help you understand how your actions will begin to shape the legal field for the better. Together, Miriam wants to flip the system on its head to create a more accessible and flexible profession for working lawyer moms.

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