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Lawyer Stories: Ep 185 | Miriam Airington-Fisher | Attorney Empowering Mothers to Prioritize Self-Care & Well-Being

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The Lawyer Stories Podcast Episode 185 features Miriam Airington-Fisher, Owner & Attorney at Airington Law in Richmond, VA focusing on Immigration Law.  Miriam shares her journey with us as an author, coach, mother, and attorney running a business as a working mom.  Miriam takes great pride in the family-friendly culture at her firm, and is passionate about supporting other lawyer moms so they can continue doing great work and have a meaningful personal life.  Miriam released a book, Mom's A Lawyer: How to Start a Firm and Take Control of Your Life provides an in-depth guide to help lawyer moms create a firm that's profitable, yet family-friendly. 

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Miriam Airington-Fisher: Be the Entrepreneur of Your Law Firm

Join Steve Fretzin and Miriam Airington-Fisher as they delve into the intricacies of building a legal business, either independently or within a firm structure. They explore the power of embracing an entrepreneurial mindset, offering valuable insights into different paths for growth and scaling. From practical advice for lawyers venturing out on their own to the importance of delegating effectively, this episode uncovers key strategies for success in the legal landscape. Learn how to maximize your return on investment, leverage technology and staffing resources, and overcome the hesitation to take the leap towards autonomy. Tune in and discover how to thrive as a solo legal entrepreneur, regardless of your starting point.

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How This Accidental Entrepreneur Built a Multi-Million Dollar Law Firm as a Single Mom

Listen to Miriam's feature on "Powerhouse Lawyers" with Erin Gerner as they discuss how Miriam got divorced, became a single mom, and launched a law firm. All with the intention of being both a good mom and good lawyer! 

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Ladies Who Law: Saying "No" To The Traditional Law Firm Setup w/ Miriam Airington-Fisher

The Ladies sit down with Miriam, a remarkable mom and lawyer with a unique story to tell. From childhood dreams of courtroom dramas to navigating the challenges of single parenthood while practicing law, Miriam has experienced it all. Determined to find a better balance between her legal career and family life, she took the brave step of starting her own law firm. Now, as a married mother of three, Miriam shares her journey and offers practical advice for other lawyer moms. Tune in to hear her story and discover how you too can build a career that works for you. 

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Empowering Women in Law: A Journey of Entrepreneurship and Balance

In this podcast episode, host Gary interviews Miriam Airington-Fisher, the founding partner of Airington Law, a women-led law firm in Virginia. They discuss Miriam's transition from a trial lawyer to an entrepreneur, her challenges as a single mother starting her practice, and how she managed to grow her firm while maintaining a work-life balance. Miriam shares her journey from taking any case that came through the door to strategically building a business supporting her clients and her team. The episode also touches on the importance of setting boundaries, the concept of "mom guilt," and leadership in law firms. Miriam's book, "Mom's a Lawyer," is highlighted as a resource for those looking to start their law firm.

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Canvas Rebel: Meet Miriam Airington-Fisher

We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Miriam Airington-Fisher. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Miriam below.


The M Dash: Seven Women Share How Messing Up at Work Helped Their Careers

Miriam Airington-Fisher, Owner of Airington Law and CEO of Mom's A Lawyer

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You Are A Lawyer Podcast: How To Integrate Parenting With a Legal Career feat. Miriam Airington-Fisher

Inspired by watching courtroom dramas with her grandmother, Miriam Airington-Fisher discusses her background and lifelong passion for law. From focusing on public defense and criminal law to running her firm and becoming an author and speaker, Miriam has a unique perspective on the legal practice because “moms a lawyer.”

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Grow Law Firm Podcast: Balancing Parenthood and a Successful Legal Career with Miriam Airington-Fisher

Explore the best practices for law firm management to help you achieve success like Miriam Airington-Fisher has as a mom and small law firm owner.

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Virginia Lawyers Weekly: Law Firms on the Move 2023

Welcome to our inaugural list of Law Firms On The Move. This new program is designed to recognize innovative Virginia law firms demonstrating that they are the “ones to watch” through their embrace of innovation in firm management and legal practice, growth strategies, new practice areas, community outreach, and DE&I.

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Miriam Airington-Fisher on The Authors Alley with Dori DeCarlo on WoMRadio

Miriam Airington-Fisher, an award-winning, criminal defense & Immigration attorney, entrepreneur, author, and advocate, is the founder of Airington Law. Her book, "Mom's A Lawyer: How to Start a Firm and Take Control of Your Life," empowers lawyer moms to create profitable, family-friendly, and accessible law firms. Miriam's thought leadership challenges workaholic culture, emphasizes work-life balance, and promotes sustainable work cultures. 

Wealthy Woman Lawyer Podcast: Miriam Airington-Fisher \ Mom's a Lawyer

Miriam is the mother of three children, and the owner and lead attorney of Airington Law firm, a business that generates more than $1 million per year in revenue. Not only is she a law firm owner, she’s also a brand new author and a speaker on a mission to make the legal profession more accessible and rewarding for other working mothers.

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The Law Entrepreneur Podcast: Building a Thriving Practice as a Busy Mom with Miriam Airington-Fisher

Neil and Miriam discuss balancing parenthood and running a law firm, building a firm to fit your lifestyle, regardless of practice area, increasing your fees and providing excellent customer service, and strategic hires to grow your firm.

Savvy Mompreneur Podcast: My Mom's A Lawyer - Interview with Miriam Airington-Fisher

The Savvy Mompreneur podcast is for fellow mamas and mompreneurs who love their life and want to live it to the fullest- marriage, motherhood, business and everything in between.

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