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New Year’s Resolutions - And Why Goal-Setting Sets You Up to Win

Another new year, and another chance to set big goals. Last year, I wrote about why I love New Year's resolutions. My opinion hasn’t changed - I still think audacious goal-setting is one of the key defining features of an entrepreneur. While this isn’t limited to January, a n

ew year is as good of a time as any to set goals and create an action plan for the year.

Goals are supposed to be challenging. It’s science - an article on the neuroscience of goals noted that “Goals are usually things we want but have difficulty achieving even when we know they are achievable.” Last year, I set a stretch goal of doubling my law firm’s revenue in a single year. We didn’t quite make it…but we did increase revenue by about 40%, which is an enormous growth rate for a business! Most companies grow at a rate of less than 10% annually. That’s exactly what I meant when I said that resolutions aren’t a zero-sum game - as long as you make progress, it’s a win. Hitting that mark would have been great, but 40% revenue increase was pretty sweet, too. We opened a new office in Guatemala, hired seven new team members, and I had my first book signing at Barnes & Noble!

In addition to specific 2023 goals, I also thought about how I wanted to feel by the end of the year. At the close of 2022, I had several irons in the fire - my book was about to launch, I had just finished creating a course, and we were exploring a new practice area for the firm. While it was all exciting, I felt unsettled because I had a lot on my to-do list. One intention I set was to feel calmer at the end of 2023. This doesn’t mean resting on my laurels - I am a firm believer that you should never ‘take your foot off the gas’ - that is, an entrepreneur should always be working toward something. I’m never not working on something. So 12 months later - after a successful launch and a period of significant growth at my firm - I’m heading into 2024 feeling more in control and as excited as ever for a new year of opportunities and setting even bigger goals.

The takeaway? Be excited about your new year. Set goals - even crazy ones - and know that as long as you’re moving closer to your dreams, you’re winning. If you need help setting - or reaching - your 2024 goals, get in touch.

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